Navy and Marines

The Naval ROTC program trains qualified young men and women for service as commissioned officers in both the Navy and Marine Corps.  Located at SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx, the program accepts students from Columbia, Fordham University, SUNY Maritime College, and Molloy College.  Graduates serve as active-duty commissioned officers in the Navy, as unrestricted line officers on ships, in submarines, in the aviation field, in Naval Special Operations (EOD) and Special Warfare (SEALS), and as officers in the Marine Corps.  Students interested in becoming an officer specializing in other fields, such as law or medicine, are not commissioned through Naval ROTC.

There are three tracks in the NROTC Program:

  1. The Scholarship Program is designed for high schools students who will graduate before August 1 of the year they intend to start college.

  2. The College Program is available to first and second year students already enrolled at a participating college or university.
  3. The Seaman to Admiral – 21 (STA-21) and Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education (MECEP) Programs are open to active duty Sailors and Marines.

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